Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funny Friday's Caption Contest

I'm starting a new thing: every now and then when I don't have anything to write about and it is a Friday I'll do something fun like this: a caption contest!! WooHoo. Taking a page out of Amber's playbook and not being too ashamed to put ANY picture of myself up on the you go.

  • All entries must be made as a comment on the blog (so everyone can read them). If you don't have a google account then leave your comment as "Anonymous" but be sure and sign your name and give your email address.
  • All entries must be made by 11:59 (PST) Monday night.
  • Winner, chosen by me and Hot Jeff, gets a $5 Starbucks coffee card.
  • You can make more than one entry.


Anonymous said...

Ruby meets the queen of java. Can we say good morning Starbucks. Coffee face in the morning.

you are so funny
love ya
Jenny Carpenter

Mullenbachs said...

Good morning Jeff!!! I've been up all night blogging. Want some coffee!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are no words.


Traci P. said...

This is not an entry, I just wanted to tell you that I showed it to Jonah because I thought he'd have something funny to say, but he's just laughing uncontrollably. He thinks "Samuel's mom is crazy".


Beth said...

"Hi Hot Jeff! Our AC is out - 'it was gettin' in hot in here...'" (Hot Jen gives Hot Jeff a run for his money).

Anonymous said...



Amber said...

"Do I have something in my teeth?"

(Can I tell you how proud of you for posting the shameless picture of yourself....I've trained you well, young padawan.)

You're welcome.

Maryanne and AJ said...

"If only my friends knew what I looked like when I blog and FB, maybe they wouldn't read my blog? Oh well, at least I don't Skype like this."

Love you, Jen! And that is your true hair with no flat iron, priceless.

Amber said...

(I'm back. Because I like coffee.
And you know that you want to pick me.)

"Dad gum, Hot Jeff. I'll get off the computer. You didn't have to taser me."

Beth said...

"We drove 18+ hours straight from Montana back to Salem. First priority: Must Blog!"

Jennifer said...

"Who needs coffee...This thing vibrates!!"

Anonymous said...

"Salem Mom of two tragically electrocuted while blogging...Her three year old son unknowingly spilled coffee on her laptop, then rode off into the sunset on his lightening McQueen scooter"

Valerie Hibler

Jen Roth said...

"Who, me?! No, I'm not blogging again, not me!!"