Sunday, August 16, 2009

Praying for Your Kids Monday
Praying self-control for your kid's spending

If you're the praying mom of a teenager you will no doubt smirk at this story because for sure your teenager is saving for much bigger things but here you go anyway.

At breakfast this morning Samuel announced he would like us to get him a Tigger & Pooh kite. Jeff explained that wasn't in our budget this month and perhaps he should check his piggy bank to see how much money he has so he could buy it himself. This was perhaps the best thing anyone could have told Samuel because 1) I'm not sure he knew he could spend that money and 2) he doesn't know how to count money so he thinks he has a lot. At least enough to buy a kite.

While we sat discussing the big kite purchase Jeff and I warned Samuel that if he planned on getting a kite like his former one that he may want to rethink it. I said it was a "cheap" kite and broke easily. "Remember?" I asked. He did. We then reminded him he had worked hard to save his money, had previously been saving it for when we go to Disney World, and that it may be foolish to spend his money on a kite he knew wouldn't last for very long. I suggested that if he really wants a kite, maybe to keep saving and buy a nice one that he would get more use out of.

The jury is still out on what he decides to do since when we started to count his money his sister came over, scooped it up and started throwing it at the cat.

Its never too early to start teaching your kids about wise spending habits. We live in a society where kids are accosted as early as their freshman year in college to get a credit card and there are advertisements everywhere enticing them to buy the newest, trendiest, "gotta have" item. Before your child has even graduated from college they can have adversely effected their credit so badly that it will haunt them when they go to buy a car and house.

It takes a lot of self-control to tithe, save, live within your means and use your money to help build the Kingdom of God...we better get praying!

God, You are the giver of all things, including our money. I pray You will help me to teach _________ to be a wise steward of her money. I pray You will give her wisdom and discernment when it comes to saving and spending and I pray she will be generous when it comes to building Your Kingdom. Amen.

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