Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hulu Purity Promise

So, maybe I was wound a little tight last night. I don't hate all of you. I mean, I don't hate all of you anymore. Last night the hatred was pretty palpable.

I re-read my original Going all Little House on the Prairie on You post and I love, I mean LOVE that I said I was going to study and blog and clean while not watching TV. Studying, blogging and cleaning is not what I did last night. In fact, last night was the most non-productive night of my life. All I could do was wander around and moan. It was this weird-pain-in-my-side-does-she-have-kidney-stones moan and my family seriously thought I had eaten bad Chinese food. After my family realized I had not eaten bad Chinese food and I did not need to have my stomach pumped they all just went to bed. I think I was instrumental in that putting the kids down process but honestly I do not remember.

After the kids went to bed I kept up with the wandering, blogged that rancorous post and then would randomly get on and curse at it. I tried to clean, I tried to study but I couldn't concentrate long enough to make any of it productive. Again, more moaning.

I tried to go to bed before 11:00 but I just couldn't. I was waiting, hoping that at 11, after Grey's had aired on TV, they would post it on or Hulu. No luck. I checked every few minutes until 12:30. That's when I finally went to bed and, of course, couldn't sleep. How could I? So many unanswered questions (see last night's post). It was while I was laying there I decided that waiting to watch Grey's on Friday is a lot like waiting to have sex until you get married.

Of course, there is all the hype. For months you're getting the teasers. Then there is the anticipation: is it going to be as good as I've hoped. Will it be worth the wait? There is the Everyone-Else-Is-Doing-It factor, and that right there is enough to make you crack.

Finally, after the sleepless "night before" the time comes and all the exciting foreplay like getting the kids cereal and threatening them with their lives if they disturb you leaves you at THIS moment. This glorious moment in time when the Space Needle comes on screen in a foggy Seattle morning haze and Meredith's voice over begins, "According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross when one goes through a catastrophic loss...".

Let me say this friends: it was worth the wait. It was so worth the wait.


Maryanne and AJ said...

Don't give it all away, as I haven;t watched it yet. But I am glad it was worth the wait. Now next week just look forward to Friday morning and Thursday night won't be so bad. Happy Hulu'ing!

Amber said...

I love Meredith's voice-overs. Seriously my favorite part of Greys. Reminds me of when Doogie Howser used to write on his caveman computer and journal wise one liners.