Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just So You Know

I have not gone all Sylvia Plath on you; I know my last post was heavy but that's not why I haven't written anything since. I haven't written anything because I'm having the most busy week EVER. In between life and preschool I have been working very diligently on my new laundry system which really isn't a system at all its just more of a nut up and put the crap away but it seems to be working. I have also been making my bed every day. Today was the third day in a row and I suppose there is something to what everyone says about a made bed setting the tone for the whole house because before I even knew what I was doing I was at Target buying a new lamp for the family room. And when I told Shannon that I think she had a Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally moment and she got all teary and told me those were her favorite words "new lamp at Target".

I've also been preparing a message I'll be sharing with a group of moms in the morning as well as getting ready for a hot weekend away with my husband who will be turning 40 on Tuesday and I want to get him away before he does turn 40 to have a whole lot of sex because when he turns 40 I'm sure he'll be too old to do it anymore. Oh yes I just went there so if you're shocked just get over it.

Finally, the other thing that has taken up some time this week is getting my water shut off. Yep. The city of friggin' Salem TURNED MY WATER OFF. Now, in their defense, I did forget to pay them. In my defense, why don't they have a decent pay online system like everyone else in the civilized world? To be honest, I almost ALWAYS forget to pay the water bill. This in itself, you would think, would be enough to make me remember but it doesn't. And they always send me very courteous little reminders and then I remember to pay them and we all live quite happily together. Well this month they sent me a very courteous reminder and it sat in Harriett for well over a week and on Tuesday I came downstairs and was going to rinse a yogurt container and there was no water. So after a few moments of pacing and cursing under my breath I called and paid it over the phone. They said they would send someone out "tomorrow" to turn it back on. Oh no you won't be out here tomorrow, how do I turn it on myself? Well they told me but I am apparently very turn-my-water-back-on challenged and had to enlist the help of my dear friend/neighbor to help me. One hour, one large wrench and one phone call from her husband impersonating my husband and we had the water back on. And all of this left the 3 of us wondering, if you can turn your own water back on then why does anyone ever pay their bill?

The drama of all of it left Samuel nearly peeing his pants with excitement so I didn't even bother to tell him not to tell his father about it and sure enough as soon as Hot Jeff walked in the door that afternoon Samuel nearly tripped over himself running and saying really fast, "Mama forgot to pay the water bill and they turned the water off and we had to open a heavy lid outside and Nick turned it with a big wrench and I had to run in to the house over and over and tell Mama if the water was on and it wasn't and then it was and there were spiders in the water hole but Mama said I didn't have to be scared and let's have macaroni and cheese for dinner.

So there you have it. No head in an oven, just a busy week.


Beth said...

You crack me up! do. :-) Thanks for the laugh tonight (and I think I DID see Nick near the side of your house the other day come to think of it!)

Heather said...

You're silly...I used to do the same thing with my cell phone. Have a "fun" weekend. Hope you get out of the room to enjoy it! Or maybe you're hoping you don't:0)
Either way have fun!

Amber said...

Yep. That dern water bill. And the electric bill. I forget almost every month.

Hope your time sharing with the ladies is special.

And hope your TIME with the hubs is super fun!!

Heidi said...

I don't think that I could love you anymore than I do right now!! I was just getting on the computer to shoot you an email to say what a wonderful job that you did today and then I decided to read your blog. I read the one about your dad and Cried. Big surprise, I too have dad issues. Then I read this one. Bless your heart! Laughed until I had to let a little out in my undies! God Bless you. You are a "Fresh Wind".