Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Have a Little Say In It...

Okey dokey, I've chosen some of my favorite title suggestions and made a poll on the right hand side. So get your vote on!

Thank you for all of the suggestions! I would have never come up with these wonderfully, creative and funny titles. I particularly liked Rachel's ideas of using lines I had written. Shout out to Rachel who tediously poured through old posts to get ideas! Wahoo.

As you're voting, think of the title as it encompasses the whole crazy gamut of stuff I write about and have fun voting. You can vote more than once and voting is open until 11:00 on 12.22.09 when, I'll either pick a winner or or make another poll with narrowed down choices.

You're the best!


Rachel T. said...

Yeah, I just perused your blog Monday night while I watched "Intervention." It was fun.

DAVIS said...

I did want to say that if you leave the name as ALL THINGS HENDERSON, you are more likely to appear at the top (or near) of people's blog lists. (For those of us that keep our blog list's in ABC order.) Just a thought! :)