Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I chose this picture not only because they are both not wearing pants (because they were on fire) but look how adorable and innocent they look. You'd never know they were both filthy liars, would you?

Up until today, Samuel has been a little George Washington and couldn't tell a lie. Even if he knew it would get him in trouble, he would tell the truth. His sister on the other hand...well like in most cases, she's a different story.

The story goes like this: last Saturday night I was at a Christmas party and Hot Jeff stayed home with the kids. He made them their favorite dinner of macaroni and cheese and about half way through excused himself to use the bathroom. When he returned, a bowl had been knocked over and cheesy noodles strewn about the floor. The conversation, as it was told to me, went like this:

HJ: How did these noodles get spread all over the floor?
S: Daddy, I didn't do it.
HJ: Emily, did you spread noodles all over the floor?
E: Nnnnnnno. (Emily never just says 'no'. She draws the n out for.ever.)
HJ: Samuel and Emily...who spread the noodles all over the floor?
S: It wasn't me Daddy.
E: No me Daddy.
HJ: (Knowing Samuel doesn't lie) Emily, who spread the noodles all over the floor?
E: Mama did it.
HJ: Mama did it?
E: Uh-huh.
HJ: Emily, you need to tell Daddy the truth. Who spread the noodles all over the floor?
E: Mama did it.
HJ: Emily, I'm going to give you one more chance to tell the truth before you get a consequence for not telling Daddy the truth. Who spread the noodles all over the floor?
E: Mama did it.

Well needless to say, Daddy's little Roo got a Hot Jeff sized lecture and a spank. Sucked to be Roo.

So today, I go upstairs to put Emily down for a nap and when I come downstairs Samuel is sitting on the couch reading a book. He looks at me and smiles and I ask, "Samuel, did you get into the icing in the cupboard?" "No Mama" he says. "Are you sure Samuel? Let me ask you again: did you get into the icing in the cupboard?" "No Mama, I've been reading" he continues. And as my heart breaks inside my chest, I say slowly, "Samuel, it makes God sad when we don't tell the truth; did you get into the icing in the cupboard?" He lowered his eyes and said yes. His eyes darted back up to mine, "How did you know" he questioned. "You have blue frosting on your lips".

Samuel and I had a good talk about how people will know we love Jesus if they can trust what we say and how God tells us in His word to be honest. I'm not sure how much he took away from it (probably more than I give him credit for) but tonight as I write about it I realize the stories themselves are funny but the larger truth is so sad: our children have an inherent sin nature. Almost every day I pray for God to call my kids to Him at early ages. I pray that as they grow they will know Jesus intimately and live lives that glorify God and build His Kingdom yet I've never been so aware of their need for a Redeemer, for a Savior, as I am at this very moment. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God... Even little Samuel and Emily.

My heart's sadness turns in to joy as I read the rest of that passage and as I imagine someday sharing this Truth with them, This righteousness from God comes through Jesus Christ for all who believe...and [they] are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ (Romans 3: 22-24).

God's Word never gives bad news without following up with the good. Amazing grace.

I'm curious, how do you talk to your kids about lying? Are there any good children's story books (which my kids respond wonderfully to) on the topic? Let's talk it up!


Friends, you have outdone yourself with the title suggestions. I am LOVING them. Keep them coming. In a few days I'll pick my favorites and put them in a poll for everyone to vote on. As for your writing prompts...you rock. I definitely have stuff to go off on now when the blog clog hits. You are the best readers EVER!


Amber said...


Lying sucks.

And it makes me DREAD the days that are possibly ahead when the lies move to if they did/didn't sneak out of the house....

Makes me relish the mac-n-cheese and frosting.

Christy said...

When the kids lie I'm terrible and tell the kids, "It makes baby Jesus cry when you lie."

I know that is wrong on so many levels...but it is kind of funny :)

Anonymous said...

I talk about lies and being sneaky in my house. I can reference some of their favorite TV characters that are sneaky (like swiper the fox) to make it more understandable. I also make a point of not asking them to "keep secrets" even good ones for adults and tell the other adults in their lives not to. I reward honesty. Heap on the praise. If they confess to a "crime" I let them know that the consequence will be less harsh. Does that make sense?

All that to say, I am with Amber. Lying sucks. Breaks my heart. Good topic Jen!--Heidi

Dena said...

i tell them they are going straight to hell. it totally works! :o) (just kidding, i do exactly what you do, tell that they will always be able to do things that no one will find out about, but God will always know and He's where it counts the most. but i what i really wanted to say was, LOVE THE PICTURE! :o)