Monday, December 28, 2009

Praying for Your Kids Monday
Blind Spots

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

This summer I started praying for the Holy Spirit to begin revealing to me my "blind spots", areas in my life that needed an overhaul. God has showed me some interesting things; some big, some little. Some that were an easy fix, some that were not. I am convinced that Christ God is continually working on us to make us more like Him and that process will last until He calls us home and I believe when we willingly ask for His eyes in the areas of our life that need His gentle molding He is more than happy to reveal them to us.

As I've been thinking about praying for Samuel and Emily in this coming new year and wondering/praying what that will look like I have felt the Spirit telling me that I need to listen first and develop a plan later. The listening begins with asking God to reveal their blind spots as well as my own. My kids are too little for God to show them but as He reveals to me their troubled areas I can explain it to them and then pray for it. I think the areas our children struggle with now are probably a part of their make up and most likely areas they will struggle with as they get older. Perhaps by praying for these areas now we can get a head start helping God to iron out tendencies and attitudes that will cause them pain in later years.

Perhaps your children are older...then as you pray for God to reveal their blind spots to you ask Him to also show them to your children. Your kids are fully capable of being spoken to by the Spirit and may have a better ear for listening than even you or I.

God, this coming year I pray that You will create a clean heart in __________. I pray that You will reveal to me areas in her life and attitudes of her heart that need You. I pray I would have clear focus to love her unconditionally while You show me the dark corners where sin hides. Help me to speak to her without condemnation and in a way that she understands, help her to fully realize Your unfailing love and goodness. Thank You for being faithful to complete the good work you started in me and ____________. Amen.

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Della said...

Great insight. That is truly from the Holy Spirit. He wants those little ones to come to Him at an early age. He does start working on us and uses the things we learn and live through to shape us for His glory. Am so proud of all you Mom's that are praying for these little ones. I have such high hopes for this generation that you all are raising to be such mighty warriors for the Lord.