Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Worst Day of the Year

Certainly the worst day of the year has to be the 3rd day after Christmas. For days and days my children have been living on sugar. Their diet has consisted of that which resembles an elf's: "candy, candy corn, candy canes and syrup". I've gladly been letting them hog it down so that when its gone its gone and I don't have to be bothered with it anymore. For the record, I do this exact same thing after Halloween. For days and days they just bounce off the walls and I hear things like, "Mama is a dooty head, a dooty head, a dooty head. Mama is a dooty head and I like to eat vacuums." Just rude, non-sensical stuff that I chalk up as "the sugar talking". Now don't be too alarmed, I've mixed in an occasional bowl of cereal and macaroni and cheese but for the most part they've stuck to their elf diet and I haven't heard much complaining about it. None in fact. Its been bliss. When I was a little girl I was convinced that heaven was going to be filled with my Gigi's No-Bake cookies and now as a mother I can only hope it is because my kids are never as happy as they are when they are holding a cookie. It would bum me out to have to fight with my kids about eating in heaven. That would be a real drag.

Yesterday evening I heard the dreaded words, "Mama, I'm hungry" and I realized all the moose munch, sugar cookies, Santa shaped chocolate bars and plastic candy canes filled with M&M's must be gone and I was sad. So sad. And hence, the 3rd day after Christmas when all the sugared food is gone and I have to start preparing meals again is the worst day of the year. You see feeding my children is my least favorite thing about my life. If I could change anything it would be my childrens' taste buds. Samuel and Emily wouldn't know a vegetable if it stood up and bit them in the butt. They are convinced that vegetables are those plastic toys that go with the play kitchen. Last week when I was cutting up carrots for my salad Samuel asked me why I was eating reindeer food. See what I mean?

When they were babies and toddlers they ate and ate vegetables. And of course I was the bestest mommy ever and made all my own baby food (mixed with breast milk, of course) so you'd think they would have this wonderful foundation of healthy eating. Apparently not.

They will eat fruit. Of course fruit is just nature's version of candy so of course they like fruit. I'm thinking of starting to roll their vegetables in sugar and see if they'll eat them like that. Or perhaps peanut butter. It will be like giving a dog medicine...you just roll it in peanut butter and shove it in before they know what you're giving them. "Here Samuel and Emily, try this long crunchy piece of peanut butter; you'll LOVE it!"

New Years doesn't offer much in the candy category so it looks like the battle lines have been drawn until at least February when we have Valentines day and I have heart shaped chocolates to look forward to. Hooray!


Joy for the Seasons said...

You are a hoot! I was sad to have to begin meal preparations again this week, too. My firstborn will be 10 on Valentine's Day, and in the last year she has finally started to branch out in her food choices (or at least won't fight me as much about eating what she is served!). Happy New Year, No More Candy, Gotta Make 'Em Dinner to you!

Amber said...

I've been off in Timbuktu for the Christmas week and out of the blogosphere...and OH.HOW.I'VE.MISSED.YOU.

Because you and me sister....we must be separated at birth.

I hate to feed my children. It is a pain in my parental side. Why kids must eat is beyond me. And I, too, dread the day that the Christmas goods run out. I wear black and everything.

Jennifer said...

I'm sad, too...'cuz we've run outta leftovers!! And now I have to start cooking again!! And I don't like cooking either!!

Stephanie Rodea said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks having to feed her children is one of the most annoying things EVER!! I've always hated it! Not looking forward to Sydney eating solids b/c it's just another mouth to have to prepare for and sit down and feed ;-)
I sound like a WONDERFUL mother don't I?!?