Saturday, December 12, 2009

Selling My Soul

So you may have noticed something new... and I hope you know I say that nearly choking on the tongue in my cheek because yeah, hello, you'd have to be blind not to notice. I know its a little much but you'll get used to it and like I said before, the content of this blog won't change and there's no way I will start pandering to big corporations (Pixar: my son's room is an homage to your movies. We heart you. Send us to Disneyland.).

So while the content of this blog will not change; I will continue to be irreverent, shocking, honest and true to my beliefs...I think the title of the blog needs to change. You see, when I started this blog it was pretty much for my Mom. And Bug. And my in laws (you have only visited this site ONE time and don't even care one red cent that I'm a famous blogger) and so "All Things Henderson" was an appropriate title but now I really don't post for them (this will devastate my mother) and I'm not so sure that title fits anymore.

So that's where you come in. After all, it is YOU o' gracious readers who I do write for and so I'm opening it up for suggestions and ideas. And again, if I go with your title I'm giving away a $5 gift card to Starbucks. In case you're wondering, I will keep the http address the same so you won't have to change anything--only the title will change.

Next up: (I'm sorry if this is starting to sound a lot like homework) my "contract" (doesn't that sound awesome) states I need to be posting at least twice a week. Normally that isn't a problem but occasionally I hit a week like this week where my ideas all sound stupid and everything I write sounds boring and un-funny and I can't come up with a blog topic to save my life. So while you're throwing out title ideas why don't you throw out some writing prompts too. If you don't know what a writing prompt is, the following examples are for you: "My favorite room in the house is..." or "Here's how I spent my time in college..." or "I bribe my kids with...". You get it. Just some little prompt to get my brain and fingers working and to make "the man" happy with fresh posts. Make them funny, sentimental, spiritual, whatever...I'll use them when I need some unclogging and I'll give you a shout out when I do.

If you don't have a commenting profile yet (which is so lame, why don't you just get on board and become a follower of this blog and get a profile) you can leave a comment under "Anonymous" but be sure and write your name so you get credit and possibly a coffee card! You can also email or facebook your ideas to me. See, don't I make it easy for you?


Traci P. said...

Mmmmmm ... Dunkin Donuts ....

Anonymous said...

i think you should keep it! it is nostalgic, and you my friend who are writing this lovely blog is indeed a henderson! that is just my 2 cents not that they matter... so here are some topics you could ponder.....favorite christmas tradition, funny birth stories, a vacation you want to go on, favorite ahem "target" purcheses...ha haha

Della said...

Leave the name it is what made you famous. Also, man the kids need some of those Legos. Honey, I am so so so proud of you.
Suggestions maybe what you favorite Christmas present was or how you have celebrate new years and I like Kim's idea about the Christmas traditions. You could tell about Fred on the tree. Your version which I am sure is much better than mine.

Anonymous said...

della, i love how you knew it was me just from the word "bestie"!!!! :)

imbrownie said...

Alright, here's my genius ideas (and I want credit).

Origin of "hot" Jeff.

New Year's resolutions.

What makes a "bestie" a "bestie"?

Toys that my daughter should be playing with that my son loves.

There you go. Don't say I don't give you anything.

Joy for the Seasons said...

You remind me a wee bit of my sister who lives out loud. So I was thinking "Live Out Loud" would be a good title. As for writing prompts, how about: a birthday tradition, a "tour" of your home, some of your kid's jokes, "These are a few of my favorite things" (you know, like Oprah but better!), song lyrics you always got wrong, that time you got in trouble in school (hey, we all did). Can't wait to hear what you do!

Leah Harb said...

"Irreverent" is one of your favorite words so it needs to be in the new title. I think it would be interesting to get your perspective on non-christians who may be reading your blog. What message is there here for them to see too? Just speaking from my own non-christian but still read your blog kinda' perspective.


Mia White said...

Don't change the name!
And hmmm... ideas? Recipes? I don't know, I'm a reader, not a writer. I like the ones about "besties", as in how to become one.
More fun family Christmas traditions? Kids crafts/activities?
I'm so lame.

ehoff said...

"The Mother-Load"


Carol :) said...

OK- I am supposed to be working on some things, but instead spent way too much time brainstorming words for your title. I took many words from your subtitle sentence and tried to find synonyms that sounded cool. Went a little overboard on the illiteration, but oh well.
So, here are some thoughts to get you thinking...

Something with the word "Cheeky" (synonym for irreverent!)
Hilarious Henderson
The Way I See It
Mom with a View
Witty Wisdom
Sassy Sense
Flawed but Fabulous
Flawed, Flippant & Fabulous
Perfectly Imperfect

Christy said...

"Harried the Henderson" or a variation of those together.

Definition of Harried:
har·ried, har·ry·ing, har·ries
1. To disturb or distress by or as if by repeated attacks; harass. See Synonyms at harass.
2. To raid, as in war; sack or pillage.

Aahhhhh...I amuse myself :)

Heather said...

Jen, you have some creative friends. Hard decision.

Livin, Laughin, and Lovin!

You are great and whatever you name it I will still read with great anticipaption.

Dreaming of my kids futures...If I won a million dollars...Road rage and why sometimes I'm a fan...why boys should pee sitting down... guilty pleasures...for once in my life I'm gonna...

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep the name, it's what started you blogging and brought you down this road. Without that, you wouldn't have started. It's this blogs heritage. KEEP IT! I'm half mexican, but just cuz I moved to an almost all white community...I don't change my ethnic background and call myself pure blooded white person. (catchin my drift?)anyways.... I think you should do a blog on ways we trick our kids into believing in santa. Tell us yours, Then have people send you there's and have a contest of who has the best. Then they win there story posted to your blog. I think it'd be fun and get others interacting with your blog.

Rachel T. said...

I think you could keep the name. Also, as someone suggested, using the word "irreverent." Maybe just "Irreverent Jen" Other than that, read thru your blog entries for some good ideas. A quick perusal thru your archives, and I came up with these, which are all direct quotes from your entries ;-)

Going All Little House on the Prairie

Raising Her 4:00 Beer

You Can Take the Girl Out of Montana

Bribery Was involved

Lets Leave on Tuesday

A Lot of Love, Patience and Tequila

Its a Good Thing He Got the Vasectomy (sorry, Jeff!)

The Death of a Green Crayon

I Have an Opinion on Everything

Jen said...

Personally, I love Rachel's ideas of using lines you've written. I'm also considering all the people who want you to leave it alone. I don't really have a good phrase, but wondering about combining old with new. . .

All Things ______________________
Henderson ______________________

It would give some new sense of what it's about while keeping a piece of the original for nostalgia.

Maryanne and AJ said...

Okay, so going with Rachel's idea of past lines my favorite is, then bam, Bob's your uncle, or something like that. A quirky twist and homage to your Uncle Bob and just has a snap to it. But I like things out of the box.

Good luck picking a fave! You have some pretty darn creative readers, little Miss Jen!