Sunday, December 13, 2009

Praying for Your Kids Monday
Times of Struggle

We all experience times of trial, suffering, loss and doubt in our lives; what makes each person different is how they react to the situation and how they look on the other side of their struggle. Are they bitter or are they wiser? Are they stuck in the past or are they soaring with new perspective? Are they angry at God or do they have a new appreciation for His sovereignty?

Despite how much we pray for our children, they will face difficult times. Even if they come to know Jesus at an early age you can be assured they will face a crisis of faith, temptation, pain and times of unspeakable sadness. Try as we may, we can't protect our children from the sin in this world and the consequences that sometimes come from it.

What we can do, besides to continue to pray God's protection over them is to also pray that during these times of trouble they will lean in to God, that they will seek His face and voice and that on the other side they will glorify God and shine for Him.

Job is one of the Bible's ultimate examples of unimaginable grief, yet in chapter 23, verse 10 Job was able to exclaim, "But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold". God uses our suffering to shape us and He will use our children's suffering to shape them as well. God never wastes our pain.

Lord, You know the pain _________ will face in his life; there is not a day of his in which You haven't seen nor sifted through Your loving Hands. So while I can hardly bear the thought of him suffering or experiencing loss I trust that You love him more than I and that You will carry him through his times of darkness. I pray in Your power and in Your Spirit that _________ will come through trials with his faith intact and with a better understanding of who You are and how You love him. You are sovereign and I trust You, even with my most precious child. Amen.

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