Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

After arriving in Montana safely yesterday afternoon I went outside this morning to shovel the walk so the kids and I could take Gigi out to breakfast. I stepped outside; the snow glistened in the sunlight, its beauty taking me surprise after being gone from it for so long. I inhaled deeply and thought, "This is why I moved to Oregon". As I exhaled I felt the hairs in my nose freeze and my lungs burn with the freezing bite in the air. The snow around me crept in to my high heeled leather boots. What the...?

My mind raced back to November of 1997. It was 9:00pm and I was getting off from the hotel gift shop where I worked. It was some insane amount of degrees below zero and once again, the hairs in my nose froze the second I stepped outside. Although I had just driven my car a few short hours earlier the door was frozen shut and I thought to myself, "I will move to Oregon". Jeff and I had been discussing our future and needing to be near one another so we could do the day to day dating thing and that night it was confirmed for me that I would gladly leave this frozen wasteland of my youth.

Well now I'm here and there is 86,000 inches of snow on the ground and it is 18 degrees, outside. For the HIGH. Isn't freezing like 32 degrees? 18 degrees? That is like a gajillion degrees BELOW the freezing point. That is so cold!

We are having fun though and despite all the snow I did manage to get the car out of the garage and make a trip to Walmart to buy my children snow gear. They look ridiculously cute, by the way, in snow gear and I'm going to make you sit through looking at pictures of them because they are, indeed, so ridiculously cute in snow gear.

Emily's initial reaction to snow was a little less than thrilled.

Emily and Nana. She has eyes in there somewhere.

How sweet are those rosy cheeks?

Samuel and Nana!


Melissa said...

I think Samuel grew antlers! :) I remember the first time my boys got to wear snow gear during one of our visits back from Phoenix..... it was fun to see them like that!

Joy for the Seasons said...

Look at all that snow! It is beautiful. And I think I would be over it in an hour. :) Hope you enjoy your family visit!

Amber said...

I'm shivering down here in 29 degree Arkansas. No snow. Just cold.

It just isn't right.

I live in the South. For a reason.

Cutie pie kids!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to be there too!!! Thomsa is up in Kalispell for the next few weeks and loving it as well. Enjoy your time at home, what a blessing to be able to be there! Please give Gerda a love for me and your mom as well.

Anonymous said...

Too cute
I remember november and december of 97. The story I told you about on facebook was december of 97. Very Very cold wasnt it and that was my first cold of Montana. I am from Oregon that was a wake up call. Have fun with the kids.
Jenny Carpenter