Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tinker Bell Cake and Dead Sexy Straight Hair

I'm giving this post a "cakes" label but don't be fooled...its just a way for me to show off my dead sexy straight hair.

This picture is post straightening but pre Posh Spice cut and color, which I got today. And yes, if you're doing the math, it was my precious mother's last day here and I did leave for 3 hours to go get my hair done by Salon Sara. Don't judge me until you see it!

I would promise you a picture of my Posh Spice haircut for tomorrow's post but you actually hold me to it and I can't handle the disappointment in your comments (Jen Roth) when I don't actually get the pictures up so I'm just going to tell you I'll get it up soon.

Oh, and for the label's sake: this is Roo's 2nd birthday cake. Tinker Bell themed but pretty lame in my book. I used a Demarle flower mold, colored the frosting purple and topped it with some Tink figurines I found at Walmart for 6 bucks. I used colored sugar for the pixie dust only to have Hot Jeff remind me that pixie dust is yellow and not green. Dude, I am not lying.

Bug, my cake decorating sensei said she is not disappointed but I really can't believe her because how can she NOT be disappointed, the thing is LAME! Oh well, Roo loved it and hasn't stopped playing with the figurines (who unfortunately have frosting in places that no lady should have frosting).

Here's a little picture of Roo with her parents on her 2nd birthday. I think she looks so sad because she knows only disappointment lies ahead of her with her lame-o Tinker Bell cake. Poor baby. Just more photographic proof for her to someday use in her argument that we liked Samuel better than her.


Amanda said...

Are you kidding me?? That cake is AWESOME!! And yes. The hair is dead sexy too!! You got it all girl.. now you can conquer the world! ;)


Amber said...

I think Hot Jeff just showed that he is, in fact, 100% man. Some people may snicker at the big tough manly man knowing all things pixie. To me, though, he's just like every other man. Notices all the details about a curvaliscious hot blonde chick in a skimpy little outfit. Just sayin'.

Bluntforcemama said...

Digging the posh spice look! Be careful of her bodacious ta-tas, though. She's had some notoriously bad plastic surgery.