Friday, May 14, 2010

Mama's Got Her Genius On

I am no expert on saving money. Blowing through money in the first 4 days after payday and then wondering where all the money went at the end of the month? Yes, got that down.

Every now and then though I see an idea and think that its pretty fun and if I can save some money--well then even better.

I saw this idea somewhere and decided to make it with the kids. This is actually our second round with the homemade easel but the first one was such a big hit I modified it a bit and made another one.

Using the end of a cupboard, cut easel paper into strips and attach at the top. I used masking tape as it peals off easily without leaving any residue. I bought washable markers (crayons were used in the first easel) and taped craft ribbon to the lid and then hung it from the top of the cupboard. Voila.

Ribbon: $.44
Tape: $1 from the dollar store
Easel paper from IKEA: $5.00
Washable markers: $5.99
My farmy easel: $12.43

Now let us compare that to a famous toy store's easel for $39.99 and that is a savings of $27.56!

Let's go get overpriced coffee with our extra money!


Joy for the Seasons said...

Hey that sounds like moi! I deal hunt and go crazy with coupons so I can buy the big yummy lattes! :o) said...

I've already bought the coffee - now get over here and make my easle!

Actually, this is one I could probably to myself! And seriously, much less space waste than my monster easle eyesore!

Peggy said...

Very cute (and smart)! Although, we have an easel, and I only paid about $15 @ TRU...two coupons, sale & a free giftcard (from a previous deal). ;0)

Traci Piltz said...

Shocked and awed at your newfound craftiness, my friend. :) I like this idea!

Here's another fun one: you can buy refrigerator board (is that the proper name - I don't know, I just ask for "the refrigerator stuff" at Lowe's) for like $12/HUGE sheet and they will cut it into whatever size(s) you want, and it's a perfect dry erase board. We use these LOTS in school and at home to practice writing.