Monday, May 17, 2010

Praying For Your Kids Monday
El Shadday ~ God Almighty

(EL shad-DAI)
The brilliant Ann Spangler writes in her book "Praying the Names of God" that El Shadday was the name God revealed Himself through when He made His covenant with Abram and Abram's descendants. Spangler writes, "When we pray to El Shadday, we invoke the name of the One for whom nothing is impossible".

My kids got to see/hear firsthand that the God they pray to is the One for whom nothing is impossible. For over a year Samuel has faithfully prayed for our dear Pastor John who fell deathly ill to a rare illness. As Emily has gotten older and begun praying at night as well she too started praying daily for Pastor John. Specifically we prayed for Pastor John to regain his ability to swallow (this was after months of praying that he would just survive. It is a long story and I'm not doing it justice--to read more of John's incredible journey click here). Anyway, two weeks ago Shannon called with the news she had just received from her mother, who works with John, that John's swallowing function had returned. Tears streamed down my face as Shannon gave me the few details she had and Jeff and the kids circled around me anxious to know what I was laughing and crying about.

Immediately after hanging up with Shannon I practically screamed, "Pastor John swallowed today! Pastor John ate yogurt today!" All four of us started praising Jesus, Jeff and I were crying, and Samuel was saying, "God answered my prayer".

Almost every night in the two weeks to follow the kids and I have talked about how God answers our prayers. It may take longer than we want or expect and look different than we planned, but God hears us, loves us and answers our prayers. He is El Shadday and nothing is impossible with Him.

But with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

El Shadday, help __________ to know You as his All-Powerful God, the One who is able to sustain and bless him, to fulfill every promise You make to him. Lord, will You increase his awe of You and of Your power so that, like Abraham, he may follow You faithfully, always believing You are enough for him. Amen. prayer from Ann Spangler's book

*practical tip
This week while talking to your kids about El Shadday sing with them "My God Is So Big". Don't know it? Click here for lyrics and here for hand motions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks so much for today's writing. I was excited and got a "chuckle" when I found out you were using this book. I bought it for a couple of friends a while back, but just started using it everyday, myself, about two weeks ago. Thanks for taking the time to blog; it's a blessing. And, when and if the Lord brings me to mind, I would appreciate you mentioning my name. Have some physical things coming up and need divine guidance. Guess T and the girls will be saying Montana goodbyes. I always am sad for her because I know how hard it is. . .
Blessings, my friend! MEME ROSE