Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shiny, Happy People

This morning I get to go see my Shrink. I am so excited. It has been way too long. Way TOO long.

I've noticed since I started having Shrink Tuesdays that if I go too long in between visits I get all crazy inside. Its kind of like when you go past your 6 month dental cleaning and your teeth start feeling all gunky and gross. When I haven't sat on the couch for a while I feel all fuzzy and looney in my head.

I have all sorts of Besties, not to mention Hot Jeff and my Mom, to talk my crazy out with but there is something about a paid professional to make you feel really validated. Plus, she's got a good 30 years on me unlike my Besties who are just as nuts as I am in the same stage as life as me.

For too long I've thought that everyone could benefit from a Shrink Tuesday and that prozac should be put in the water like fluoride. I should run for mayor and have that statement be my campaign slogan.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

why, what ever do you mean us besties are just as crazy as you???? ( twitch, looking over my shoulder, twitch - where are those voices coming from? )
bestie kim