Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And the Best Bestie Is...

Last week, as part being-funny on Facebook and part begging-serious I posted as my status update that the title of Best Bestie was up for grabs to the first person who brought me a Diet Coke.

About one hour later my doorbell rang and who was at my door but my friend Janet AND she was holding 2 Diet Cokes! Now not only was Janet holding 2 Diet Cokes she was in her fire fighter uniform and DRIVING A FIRE TRUCK!

Janet gave the kids stickers and trading cards and let them check out the truck. The only thing that could have made the visit any better was if Janet could have stayed and had a DC with me. Alas, she had to go check hydrants in my neighborhood so she dropped and ran (after posing for pictures).
Seriously, how stinking great is Janet? You are all pretty jealous, aren't you?
So without further adieu... I hereby name Janet as Best Bestie. She will furthermore be known as Best Bestie and enjoy all rights and privileges due to that title.


Anonymous said...

Blake wants to know if Janet will make a Diet Coke run to West Salem...he'd love to check out the fire truck too! -Katherine

Anonymous said...

I love that I work just down from where you live! It just made it easy for me. By the way, the hydrants in your neighborhood are flowing volume! That's good news. And, I would have LOVED to stay! Can I take a rain check?