Monday, June 14, 2010

Praying For Your Kids Monday
Slight Delay

You see, that's the problem with being me...I can't find my book. The book which I've been referencing for this series. And part of the reason why I can't find my book is because I haven't used it since last week when I wrote PYKM when I was in Montana. I'm almost certain I packed it because I have a vague recollection of actually placing it in my suitcase...

But herein lies the problem, when I went to the suitcase to find it tonight it wasn't there. And yes, you read that right. When I went to the suitcase to find it tonight it wasn't there. You have found me out. I have been home for 6 days and haven't unpacked. Yes, my suitcase and the kids' suitcase is on the floor of my bedroom and I have just been pulling clothing out of it all week long (as I did up all the laundry before I left my Mom's).

And here's another little secret: I have been known to leave a suitcase on the floor until I have another trip.

Wow, I can't believe I just told the whole wide Internet that.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I can't find my book and will look all over for it tomorrow and try to get a fresh, piping hot and wonderfully thought-provoking PYKM up by noon! And maybe I'll even get that suitcase unpacked while I'm looking for it. Now wouldn't that be productive of me. Also, incredibly out of character so I doubt it.

Besides, I'm going to Seattle in 2 weeks and will need that bag and there's really no sense in putting it in the closet when I'm just going to be using it again in 14 days. Right?


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by the way, that "wrong" post is from me...shannon. in reference to your last sentence. :) i posted it from my iphone while riding my exercise bike. couldn't get out much more than "wrong". that one word speaks volumes though, eh? seriously....your suitcase is STILL on your floor???? come on girl!!