Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From Keith's Perspective...

I have a new fan. His name is Dr. Goose. He's the hubs of one my friends and quite possibly the male version of myself. We like the same football team, vote the same, have an affinity for blogging and clearly believe that Anthony Edwards' character in "Top Gun" got the shaft.

Goose has a blog that is beyond funny. Its well written and quite possibly will lead to my demise as I can't seem to stop reading it. Anyway, Goose and his wife watch the Bachelorette and so I left a comment directing him to my Bachelorette post.

In turn, he wrote a hilarious post from Keith's perspective...poor Keith. Read it HERE!

Dr. Goose is fun.ny. Like so funny I'm thinking of buying up the house next to me so he and Daisy can move in, our kids can play together, Daisy and I can meal swap and Goose and I can sit around and amuse one another with one-liners. I do believe we are a neighbor-match made in heaven.

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Dr. Goose said...


I think what you are trying to say is I complete you. Please don't tell "Hot" Jeff. I'm afraid of him.