Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Know, I Know...

I know my blogging sabbatical went a little longer than planned. Sorry. By the time Sunday night rolled around and I was thinking of doing Monday's PYKM it was time to go outside and light money on fire shoot fireworks off. And then (the excuses just keep coming) yesterday my sister in law and cousin came over and a 2 hour lunch turned into a 5 hour, delightful lunch and so no blogging for me.

And here's the big news: I got a job. I know! It happened so fast I didn't even have time to consult you about it. It happened so randomly also--just nuts.

So the very best job I've ever had was working for Al at his State Farm agency. That's how Shannon and I got to be the bestest besties ever (she worked there too) and now my other bestie, Maryanne, works there. 3 years ago there were some personnel changes and I decided it would be a good time for me to stay at home with the babies (I was pregnant with Emily) at the time. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, because I loved working there) but knew it was what was best for my mental health and for my family.

3 years later the "personnel changes" are no longer an issue and Al called out of the blue, clear sky and asked about me coming back part time. We emailed, had coffee and 3 days after his initial call I had a job!

God has done such huge things for this all to come about, the biggest one being CHILDCARE! My mui fabulouso neighbor is taking the kids 2 days and Jeff is taking them the 1/2 day. Voila.

I'm simply amazed at how God has provided financially for my family over the last 3 years. It has been nothing short of a miracle (and a lot of discipline on our part) how we have made it on one income and now He has done even more amazing work in providing this job at the perfect time, not to mention Melissa's willing heart to provide childcare for Samily.

Its also fun to see how God was working in my heart regarding scheduling and time management. A few days before Al called I felt like I was really making some strides in managing my time and house. Not coincidentally, now I will need that structure and skill to manage family, house, ministry and now work!

Its all good. Very, very good.

I'm going to try and continue blogging regularly and will keep doing PYKM. All you working mothers will need to give me your tips and advice for making it all work smoothly! I'm going to need it.


Christy said...

What a blessing, I am so happy for you!! God's timing is always perfect!

Bex said...

I'm so excited for you!! Best woshes as you head back to a job and a place with people you love. That's just the best.

Hopefully when you get your first paycheck you will take a little bit and go reward yourself for your good work :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it! congratulations! I am so excited for you!


Julia said...

hey hey! i always see your blog on my blogher ads... i'm a working mom and i do a blog hop every wednesday called ... working mommy wednesday (so original). i also have a "network" on my blog of other working moms. it's so great to meet up with other moms and share ideas on how to make it work!!! i hope you'll check it out!

Lindsey @ FRESH AIR + FRESH FOOD said...

So happy for you! God is good. And the tip for working-mommy-hood - you were working before, just differently. Make it work and don't feel bad if you have to let some things go - like housework. Kids and family are priority one, then blogging, then everything else - keep it straight!