Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Gee Whiz Spot

Come on now... G was all primed and ready to come back but we haven't had any questions submitted. What's the matter with you people? You all getting online and doing your own research?

I want to see some comments ladies. I've got one, just thought of it, you're welcome... Are underwire bras really hazardous to breast health? If you don't submit anything that is the question G is going to have to answer. Can you really sleep at night knowing THAT is the question for next week? Lame-o.

Ok, unrelated note: who is the the Anonymous commenter who doesn't like my new title but won't leave their name? I'm not going to publically mock you (well not for longer than a week) and I promise not to turn my legion of fans on you. You can't say you don't love the new title and then not leave your name!

Also, I say no more anonymous comments anymore period. If you don't have an account, sign in as anonymous but then leave your name (unless you're leaving a G Spot question then please remain anonymous because I don't want to think about your vaginal dryness when I see you at the park).

I really have no way to enforce this and I'm only requesting. You know what you could do? Make up a fake name and then I get super excited thinking I have readers who I don't actually know. Oh and on this topic: shout out to "Rod Stewart". That's some nice referencing to prior blogs and you are my star commenter for the week. Well played.

Lastly, why do I get like 14 comments on oyster crackers on my Facebook page but hardly any on my blog? This is rhetorical but feel free to comment anyway.

Cluck, cluck.


Kindergarten said...

Hi Jen!

I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I have officially become a reader of your blog and I love it. I also, really, really liked the talk you gave this morning. It hit me in so many ways and I keep recalling little tidbits hat I'm sure will keep inspiring me in the weeks to come.

Kindergarten said...

Aw, man...that cooment called me "Kindergarten" because I just started up a second blog for Max's class. This is Christi Kurtz :)

Anonymous said...

When I touch or push on my belly button my clitoris tingles. Is this normal?
I am not joking!!

Anonymous said...

My hot flashes are making me crazy. I don't want to do prescription drugs. Do you know what has been proven to work. My nights are a nightmare(ha no pun intended) Please help be for I catch on fire.

Anonymous said...

Will my boobs ever, EVER be anywhere near a normal density? After breastfeeding 2 kids, the second one being stubborn and preferring only one side causing major lopsidedness during and after breastfeeding, I have really funky looking breasts. The breast tissue on the upper side of one is gone, and my nipple is hiding under a fold of skin from the under side where I still have a little bit of breast tissue. I also no longer fir into my A cup bra, because I'm too small. Is there any chance they'll go back to normalish, whether I have more kids or not?

Anonymous said...

Why do "They" say that you feel ultra horny during your second trimester of pregnancy and I am not interested at gettin' it on at all? My poor, awesome hubster.

Not Fair in the Beaver State (see the 2 meanings there?) :)