Tuesday, October 19, 2010


You know I just love all of you; really I do. And I really value your opinions and comments and I took it to heart when you told me I should leave my blog name alone.

But then the other night Hot Jeff and I were talking DWTS and how nasty The Hoff is and it hit me, I'm The Hen. So Hot Jeff and I started referring to me as The Hen and we got a lot of chuckles out of it. Then...one night I was laying in bed not sleeping and thinking about how I never blog anymore and how I'm a failure as a house wife and how I love Bristol Palin and how I want to go on a survival camping trip and it dawned on me: "The Mother Hen".

How much do you love it? I love it. Bestie Maryanne loves it and I'm hoping my one reader, Emily H loves it. And if anyone else still reads this blog I'm hoping they love it too because regardless I am changing the name.

Welcome to The Mother Hen. Now one more thing on this subject, if you've got a derivative of 'The Mother Hen' like 'Hen Mother' or anything with Hen in it that is clever and playful then leave a comment because I may like that better than "The Mother Hen".

On an unrelated note, Hot Jeff is turning 41 next week. No big deal; he's taking it in stride and actually looking forward to putting 40 behind him because its been the worst year of his life when it comes to physical ailments. Rashes, pneumonia, pulled muscles, back pain, TMJ...the list goes on and on. Poor guy.

Well the other day I was driving home from taking Samuel to school and an old memory came to mind. When I was in high school my best friend Traci and I had a little game we'd play of pointing out old guys that were hot. Tim Allen, George Clooney, George Strait, Tom Hanks, Mr. Butler. You get the idea.

As I was getting ready to text Traci when I realized those guys were the age Jeff is now (maybe even younger). OMG ladies, I am married to an old guy who is hot.

I can hardly believe it myself. I mean I get the hot part because that man is smokin' but seriously, 41? That's kinda old. Like when we watch The Real World, its hittin' me that those slutty girls are young enough to be his daughter (but they wouldn't be because so help me if Emily or Samuel EVER even THINK about going on a MTV or VH1 reality TV show I will give them the smackdown!)

Isn't getting older just the weirdest? I mean I feel totally young. Besides a little junk in my trunk I feel like a cool college kid, or at least that I could hang with cool college kids. For example, Hot Jeff and I are watching baseball and they just showed Nolan Ryan in the stands. THAT GUY LOOKS OLD. I mean remember when he was all young and suave and throwin' heat for Texas? Now he's a poster child for Ben Gay. And have you seen Robert Redford lately? Now THAT was a hot old guy and he's 74 years old. He is like attending the funerals of other old hot guys (Paul Newman).

I've heard when it comes to parenting that the days are long but the years are short. Yep. And I'm going to add that when it comes to life the days are long and the years are short.

My advice: live life to the fullest. Go french kiss your hot old guy and buy an impractical pair of shoes.

Cluck, Cluck.


Bex said...

I love the new name! Well done. :-)

Kim W. said...

well other than being totally PUT OFF ( I still read this blog daily with my cup of hot coffee ) i love the new name!

Anonymous said...

love the name. love the entry. glad you're back. for today at least! :) - skc

ehoff said...

Love. And love that my name was used!

Woohoo I'm a celebrity!!

Anonymous said...

still checking in daily, love when you post!! not so in love with the name, but it is YOUR blog, so do as YOU like ;)

Anonymous said...

still checking in daily, love when you post!! not so in love with the name, but it is YOUR blog, so do as YOU like ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I am one torked off Mother. When I gave you grief about being Jen Hen you threw a fit, cryed and told me to never call you that again. So cluck cluck. I was going to say cluck cluck yourself, but I thought people would get the wrong idea. As the anonymous writer said I am not so in love with the name, but it is YOUR blog, so do as YOU like, JEN HEN!!!!! OLD MOTHER HEN!!
Your Mother,aka, Mama Della, birth Mother (not so in love that either, Stella, Queena Ma-Della and the most precious Nana.

Traci Piltz said...

OMG you really put it in perspective. :) That is so funny ... and that was the Best Game Ever. We are too clever for our own good. But ... are you SURE Tim Allen was on that list?! I don't know that I support that.

I love ya, Mother Hen. XOXO

Vanessa said...

You are embracing change my friend! I love the new name and anyone who doesn't can just go...well, I was going to say that they could go do something having to do with an egg...because that would be witty and clever because of the whole "Hen" thing and all, but someone would probably be offended and we would get a call about it and they would point at us and our children as we walk into church...so I won't say it!
Way to go keeping it fresh my friend!

Mia White said...

Love it!

Mia White said...

Love it!

Rod Stewart said...

Hey Jen, glad your back!!! best entry in quite some time.

I know that I am old (old enough to be your father), but did I ever make the "Hot" list?

Now I just feel creepy.

Anonymous said...

Call it whatever you want to call it Mother Hen and keep writing :)

Christy said...

why so many anonymous comments?
Whats the deal with that?

I told you today but I will say it again, love it!