Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Sew Sweet Creations...
It is so crazy to see your friends grow up and become fabulous. What's even weirder is to see their little sisters grow up and be fabulous! My dear friend Kelli, BFF's little sister, has started her own web-business for adorably cute homemade kids stuff. I was on her newly launched website tonight and cannot wait to get some of this fun stuff for Samuel and Emily. Check it out at: And don't forget to tell everyone you know to check it out and do their birthday and Easter shopping with Kelli!

Kelli and her beautiful daughter, Emily

My oh sew very favorite: the Bag O' Numbers!!!

How ridiculously cute is this crown?
She's got ones for little guys too.
The real question: Kelli, can you make me one that says, "Queen"?

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