Sunday, August 23, 2009

Praying for Your Kids Monday
Self-Control Over Emotions

Somewhere in Alabama Meme is saying "oh bless her heart" because I am THE LAST PERSON who should be giving advice on controlling their emotions. So I won't give advice; I'll simply say we should pray for our kids to have control over their emotions.

You see at our house my kids see their Mama walking around with her heart on her sleeve. If I'm mad, they know it. If I'm sad, they know it. If I'm happy, they know it. I wouldn't say I'm moody (and those of you who would should watch it) but I do wear my heart and emotions on my sleeve. So it is no surprise to me (or my husband, or my mother, or my best friend) that both of my kids tend to be a little on the emotional side.

Jeremiah 17:8 instructs us to be like trees firmly planted and I believe it can apply to our emotions. While God gave us emotions and created us to be passionate beings, He never intended for our emotions to control us. Mad, sad, grieving, hurt, depressed-- God longs for us and our children to call upon the wisdom He freely gives us so that we can control our emotions rather than vice-versa.

Lord God thank You for creating my children with hearts that can feel every emotion under the sun; I know You will teach them powerful lessons through love, loss, pain, and joy. Thank You for giving us Your Son Jesus who is our stable Rock in the peaks and valleys of life. I pray You will guide my children to have self-control in their emotions and that as they grow they will rely on Your Spirit and wisdom to help them not be controlled by their emotions. Amen.

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Amber said...

I love this post.

And I'm not emotional. Ever.

*snort* I almost typed that without spitting coffee all over the screen.

This is such a good reminder. Always.