Sunday, March 14, 2010

Praying for Your Kids Monday

One thing I like about praying with my kids before they go to sleep is because I get an idea of what is on their heart. This is more accurate with Samuel, as he is older, but even little Roo is starting to understand prayer and has things she wants to pray for. For example, the other night I asked her what she wanted to thank God for and she replied "binkies". So we thanked God for binkies.

While asking Samuel what is on his heart and what he wants to pray for I've been able to see what he is passionate about. Yes, he does pray for "silly" things but he also has a heart for praying for others. Already in his young life I am seeing that Samuel has a heart for people hurting around him and a passion for intercessory prayer.

By recognizing this in him I am able to pray with him and for him that God will continue to develop his passion for intercessory prayer.

Secondly, by asking what Samuel wants to pray for I get a glimpse of what is bothering him or what he is struggling with and how I can pray for his day to day needs. I encourage you this week to ask you children, 'How can I pray for you?'. You may be surprised by the answer. You may have to help them a little bit but they will catch on within a few days and they feel honored and loved that you are praying for them in specific areas.

This week I don't have a model prayer for you; I just really encourage you to have open conversations about prayer with your kids. If they aren't old enough to ask you to pray for something specific then take the time to let them know you are praying for them in this, this and this area.

Enjoy praying for your kids in a whole new week this way and please leave a comment with your stories of what your kids told you or how they responded when you told them you are praying for them. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!

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